Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summers End

I must admit that I am a bit Jealous of my Mr.'s blog. He has a tendency to be much more well spoken, or written as it were, than I. People who dig my seen should dig on his as well. Lord knows I dig on it pretty damn hard.
The past week started off with a bit of an emotional hiccup on my part but is rounding out nicely and I can say I feel quite happy. There have been a couple sunny day adventures outside to keep me content. Bringing little man with me makes an ordinary day in the park feel like an epic journey.
Jim and I took in a great lunch at County Line after his P.T on Monday. We discovered the back "patio" was a thing of great beauty. It had a boat launch, lots of big shady trees and a river stocked with turtles and fish eager to be fed. The 3 of us sat on the water snapping pictures and playing with turtles while I sipped a delicious and rarely consumed margarita. I love the fact that the majority of things I do with Llewellyn are still "firsts" at this point, this was the first time he has seen a turtle outside of his onesies.
Tuesday night Jim dug a big hole in our yard and sunk a giant terra-cotta pot into it, firepit! It's been a long time since I have been able to have a fire in my backyard. Even though I long to move out of this house, out of Austin and further into the hill country, having a backyard is a savior.
Wednesday Alana, Llewellyn and myself went to the afternoon triangle farmers market. Something I have been meaning to do for almost a yr. The stands set up there left something to be desired but I was able to get some locally raised pork and lamb along with a variety of veggies and fruits. There just wasn't a lot of variety and everyone was out of eggs, chicken and ground beef. We had lamb steaks for dinner that night and they were pretty delicious. After our shopping we sat in the grass eating peaches and watching kids and dogs of all ages run around like maniacs. There was a large area where fountains randomly shot up out of the ground that the children were playing in. It's intriguing for me to watch children of different ages play. I guess at how old they are and envision how soon my little baby will be doing those things. It excites me to see all the learning that is going to take place between now and then.
I've also been able to get a good amount of crafting done this past week. Little man has been a bit more content to hang out in his rocker and take a nap freeing up some mommy only time for me. Our friend Tony gave us a swing this week and from what i've heard they are a god send so maybe we are in the transition to me being able to get back on top of little things that need to be done around the house, assuming I was ever really on top of them.
I don't really have too much more to say for now, i'd like to take advantage of beeba sleeping and bind a quilt. My next entry on here should have some little pictures of some projects i've been working on. What fun.

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  1. you look great nigga! lew's a winner (and you know how i feel about children, and that i wouldn't bother to say it if it wasn't how i felt).

    miss y'all. i moved back to new york, to get back on meet, but as soon as an extra couple hundred dollars comes into my pocket, which i don't think will take more then a few months, i will be coming to austin to see this trio, of which a visit has been far, far overdue